Scaling and Promotion

The Project New Day Program has been designed to reduce or eliminate needless suffering, not to make a profit. Our aim is to:

  1. Develop a scalable healing model to assist individuals in resolving trauma and achieving a life of freedom, purpose, and fulfillment.
  2. Demonstrate the effectiveness of the program model and make it accessible to the global community.
  3. Promote the expansion of the model to serve a maximum number of people worldwide.

We have completed step one and expect to complete step two in 2024. That leaves step three, which is Scaling and Promotion, the subject of this page.

Consider this image of the Project New Day model:


The Project New Day (PND) healing model was designed from its inception to be scalable in a number of ways:

  • The model is open-source. That is, although the model is copyrighted, its design is freely available on the PND website.
  • All of the necessary forms needed to use the model are freely available on the PND website.

Notice the model comprises three categories: Healing Philosophy, Supporting Elements, and Online Training.

Under the “Healing Philosophy” heading are three columns which make up a triad:

  • Compassionate Coaching: The PND healing model specifies knowledge-based life coaching sessions, as opposed to psychiatric or psychotherapeutic sessions. This will reduce the cost of the preparatory and integrative sessions that surround the psychedelic experience sessions. Coaches may use the PND multimedia coaching model at no cost. Training for the coaching model is online and free. Life coaching sessions may be done online using Zoom to improve accessibility.
  • Clinical Psychedelic Therapy: The responsibility for psychedelic sessions falls on the organizations that adopt our program model, guided by legal and professional statutes along with individual suitability assessments conducted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Community Building: Weekly group sessions are offered for all participants who complete the coaching and psychedelic session. In general, these are run by trained PND program participants who have put their lives in order and want the added healing benefit of helping others who are struggling. As sessions grow they can spawn new community group sessions.

Under the “Supporting Elements” heading are links to the Harm Reduction and Acceptance and Screening Procedures pages. These detailed documents allow organizations using the PND model to jumpstart their services by spelling out screening procedures and safeguards. The Resources page on the PND website provides the forms necessary for conducting the screening, coaching, and group community sessions.

Under the “Online Training” heading, you will find links to the training courses. To maximize the availability of the PND model, most courses are hosted by PND and are free. Others require a modest licensing fee and are generally paid for by the organizations utilizing the PND healing model.


What we are doing

Project New Day is promoting the PND program by creating the model and its accompanying website.

Moreover, PND has presented the program to the top, most well-known figures in the psychedelic healing space. Without exception, we have received enthusiastic endorsements from Roland Griffiths, Gabor Maté, Mary Cosimano, Anne St. Goar, Paul Stamets, and Sam Chapman, to name a few. These endorsements, and more to come, will be of great value as we move forward, promoting the program in the media to raise awareness.

And finally, PND intends to embark on a significant fundraising effort once the program is validated. The proceeds will be used to help organizations that employ the PND program model in covering expenses such as coaching costs, psychedelic therapy costs, and training program licenses.

What you can do


Project New Day can use your help by financially supporting our project. We have a small paid staff and help from outside is always welcome.

Host the PND program model

Would you or your organization like to host our healing program? It does not require licensing. Getting started requires the mostly free training of a certified coach and a group facilitator, identifying a legal psychedelic clinic, then proceeding with the program as instructed on the Project New Day website.

Spread the word

Let others know about the Project New Day Program and how we all would like to assist individuals in resolving trauma and achieving a life of freedom, purpose, and fulfillment. It is both healing for the individuals and healing for those who reach out to help!