About Us

We are a diverse community of scientists, doctors, therapists, guides, people who have experienced the benefits of this work, and others seeking the same. A common thread drew us together, the passion to grow the responsible and legal use of psychedelic medicines to evoke wholeness, freedom, and fulfillment.  We are now bound by the determination to make positive and far-reaching impact on the human experience, specifically the prevention, treatment, and recovery of substance use disorders.

Mike Sinyard


Founder and CEO of Specialized Bicycle Components, Advocate for innovative approaches for mental health

Jeremy Wilson, MS

Executive Director

ICF Certified Life Coach and knowledge-based coaching specialist

Allison Feduccia, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Neuropharmacologist, psychedelic researcher, and co-founder of Psychedelic Support

Anne St Goar, MD


CIIS Certified Psychedelic Therapist and Researcher, MAPS Phase 3 MDMA Study Therapist, Cofounder of the Boston Psychedelic Research Group

Brian Anderson, MD


Psychiatrist and psilocybin researcher

headshot of Ben Capron

Ben Capron


Strategic business development, communications specialist

Paul Stamets


Mycologist and medical researcher