Coaching Resources

Resources to support life coaching may be found on this page: Coaching Resources

Documents and Websites

Acceptance and Screening Forms

The following forms are for use by organizations that choose to adopt the Project New Day Program model.

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Consent Form

Form to be filled out explaining the program, the timeline, risks, benefits, etc.

Initial Screening Survey

The preliminary online questionnaire

Initial Survey Exclusion Checklist and Diagnostics

Explanations of what answers exclude an applicant and how to interpret diagnostics

Screening Interview Script

Script for screening personnel to use in the first Zoom interview with an applicant

Exclusion Criteria Explanations and References

Explanations of standards that must be met in four different categories: mental health disorders, physiological conditions, current medications, and current life circumstances

Virtual Consultation with Life Coach

The final screening interview is with a life coach. This document is a "call guide" to help the coach determine applicant’s personal history, motivation, etc.