Project New Day Exists to Bring Hope.

Project New Day exists to liberate people struggling with addiction by creating possibilities and helping them connect with themselves, others, and the environment.

The Project New Day Program’s revolutionary model nurtures people with compassionate coaching, clinical psychedelic therapy, and community building.


“I’ve worked with hundreds of people dependent on drugs of all kinds (…) and all of these people are severely traumatized people whose drug use reflects their trauma history.”


“I accepted the help. And I’m just, I’m really grateful that I did because it’s been really cool to be free again and to actually just commit 100% to healing.”


 “Let’s deal with the trauma, and then the addiction will take care of itself.”


“The experience for me was the first time I felt like a powerful being, worthy of love or just life.”

Some Call it a Reset Button

Today so many are held captive in the prison of addiction. Stuck in the orbit of substances as quick fixes to cope with the pain of unresolved trauma. It’s a cycle so vicious, it often feels impossible to break free.

To heal the underlying disconnections that leads to addiction. To help people free themselves to be their best selves. With compassionate coaching, clinical psychedelic therapy, and a supportive community, we can.

Some call it a reset button. A life-affirming jolt. A catalyst to transformation. Some find a doorway to heal trauma that once fueled the cycle of addiction. Many feel the floodgates of love and serenity finally open.

This powerful lived experience births a new day. It’s the beginning of recovery and the journey toward a healthy mind, body, and spirit. A journey supported by compassionate coaching and a community of peers. It’s this union of science, spirituality, and human connection that can heal individuals and society and transform an uncertain today into a hopeful tomorrow.

This is Project New Day

Specifically, We:

Create Programs to help people overcome addictions. Our innovative treatment model combines compassionate life coaching,  clinical psychedelic treatment, and peer support groups to liberate people from their grip of addiction. Learn about our programs.

Nurture Community in safe and accepting physical and digital spaces to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst scientists, healers, and people in the community. Get connected.

Educate and Connect the general public, policy makers, and transformation seekers to maximize the benefits and reduce the harms of clinical psychedelic treatment. Start learning.