Sponsored Programs

Project New Day has a history of sponsoring organizations that support our mission. One example is Natura Care Programs, a unique spiritual immersion and integration program dedicated to addressing a broad range of addictions.

The Natura Care mission is to offer transformational healing opportunities by providing long-term spiritual care programs rooted in indigenous wisdom, evidence-based research, nature immersion, and peer support.


“Before the program, I just walked around like I was ready to fight. Both physically and mentally. When I came back, I was feeling so much better mentally that it motivated me to get back in shape. And not just getting back in shape at the gym, but eating well too.”


“I accepted the help. And I’m just I’m really grateful that I did because it’s been really cool to be free again and to actually just commit 100% to healing.”


“I think that conventional programs like rehab and outdoor wilderness therapy do not compare with anything like this. … The amount that I learned about myself and the power of the plant medicine was unlike anything else. … I think it was a really powerful journey.”

The Natura Care program features the wisdom of various perspectives, traditions, and approaches toward supporting recovery.

The staff at Natura Care understands that in working with individuals, they also work with family systems and this is woven into our integrative approach. Addressing the root causes of addiction and bringing attention to the spiritual crisis that often underlies addictive tendencies is our goal. The Natura Care ethic is rooted in spiritual care and a sincere belief in supporting our participants to flourish, not just recover.