Our Focus

Grants and Social Investing

We advance our mission through grants and social investing. To accelerate safe, legal, and beneficial use of psychedelics, we provide funding to maximize the impact of programs that progress psychedelic treatments and community support. 

Our Primary Focus Areas

Psychedelic research, treatments, and community-supported recovery are the next frontier for mental health. The world needs access to evidenced-based education and best practices to maximize safety and promote a culture around responsible use of psychedelics. We are furthering the work of others to help communities embrace the re-emergence of these natural healing remedies.

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To learn more about funding opportunities as they become available, please fill out the contact form to receive information and updates. We will announce when grant applications are open. 

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A Place to Start
We are not here to judge or rigidly define a path to recovery, 
but to aid each person by giving them tools and support.
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How we work
Prioritizing physical, emotional, and spiritual health will bring balance and energy for a well-lived life. 
We honor the vast variety of ways to achieve this.
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Where we thrive
Through goal-setting, we invite commitment to reconnect and fully engage, and
 above all be in right relationship with oneself, others, and the practices we cultivate.
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Mission Investments

Our first funding priority is to establish a model for community peer support groups. 

Recent advancements in clinical research of psychedelic substances are leading the way for a new wave of treatment modalities for substance use disorders. But without supportive aftercare, an individual’s long-term success cannot be guaranteed. Participation in mutual-aid recovery groups is a common and proven method for helping individuals overcome substance use disorders. For long-term support after a person undergoes psychedelic-assisted therapy, new group support programs are needed to meet the changing landscape of addiction medicine. 

Psychedelics in Recovery: Outreach and Service (PROS)

Psychedelics in Recovery: Outreach and Service (PROS) is a community-engaged public health project that will build and sustain collaborations with community providers who are working on the frontlines of assisting people in recovery, or seeking recovery, from problematic alcohol and other drug use. PROS specifically aims to empower community providers whose clients and communities incorporate into their recovery work the intentional, non-medical use of psychedelic plants, fungi and other substances as part of their path to healing.

This project will convene a Community and Scientific Advisory Board (CSAB) of community and professional experts to:

1) define the scope and goals of the project

2) conduct a structured, in-the-field, needs assessment with the community providers and their clients

3) implement an intervention that aims to enhance the impact and sustainability of these providers’ practices through a combination of informational and professional resources (for example, harm reduction trainings, toolkits) in a manner that will endure and serve as a model for others.